Have Words – Will Travel

LFL1I absolutely love hearing about how you’re sharing Bright or Blue and who you’re sharing it with.  I may be a bit biased (ok, more than a bit) but I truly believe that there is a message here worth sharing.  We all have bad days, not a single person is exempt.  The wonderful news is – we all have the power to find a little brightness even on the worst days.  There is always, always, something to be grateful for.

As I was muddling through the writing and editing process I decided that if Bright or Blue impacted just one person, even in a small way, then I would feel quite successful indeed.

Here are a few ways in which I’ve heard that Bright or Blue has been shared so far:LFL4

  • Elementary school teacher sharing with coworkers
  • Children’s creative relaxation/mindfulness/yoga instructor sharing with students
  • Medical professional sharing with a cancer patient suffering from depression

And there have been many parents/grandparents/friends etc. expressing their excitement over reading Bright or Blue with the special children in their lives.

LFL2These stories warm my heart in ways I can never express.  Please keep them coming!  I am so grateful for you.

As a small gesture to pay it forward I have been leaving copies of Bright or Blue in Little Free Libraries.  I hope these copies make it into the hands of many children.  LFL5LFL3For more information or to purchase a copy of Bright or Blue (use coupon code Kimber at checkout for a 10% discount) please click here.