‘Great’ Ideas (and why it’s ok to defy your comfort zone)

Sometimes I come up with these really great ideas.  Like the time, when my son was just a few months old, I decided I wanted to learn how to drive a motorcycle.  Why I chose that time, with a new little person completely dependent on me, to learn how to drive a two-wheeled death machine is still a little fuzzy.  But, I got the idea in my head and there was nothing left to do but follow through.  I took a weekend class, passed my test, and was the proud recipient of a motorcycle endorsement.  Nine years later, I’m still here.  I guess that ‘great’ idea didn’t turn out so bad.

More recently, my great idea led me to a daily writing routine and the purchase of a antique writing desk.Antique Secretary Desk

I started with an online children’s book writing course to get a feel for the industry and to brush up on any grammar and punctuation rules that may have fled my mind since my school days.  I began writing every morning.  I purchased reference materials, read countless blogs and articles online about writing for children, and spent a lot of time at my local library.  Everything went swimmingly up to and including the point when Splashing Cow Books accepted my manuscript.  However, all the reference materials in the world couldn’t have prepared me for the fact that I suddenly and knowingly thrust myself into a very media-driven profession.

So what’s the big deal, Kim?” Continue reading