Good Grammar & Great Cookies

I love the gluten free registry app for finding safe restaurants to eat at while I’m traveling.  During a recent search, I came across this review of a restaurant with a gluten free menu:

Grammar is important, people!

Grammar is important, people!

‘Sandwitches and deserts’ are a bit too gritty for my taste but I can recommend a super-awesome, gluten free cookie recipe!  This is my favorite peanut butter cookie recipe and it’s a pleaser to the non-GF crowd as well.



Dedicated to the Unknown King

I recently had great fun digging through my memory box.  My mom was good about saving stories that I wrote, school projects, cards that I made for family members, etc.

A couple things in particular made me laugh.  First, there’s this dedication page in a book that I wrote for a school project when I was 12.


‘This book is dedicated to the unknown king, Sir Ren.’


The Book Chooses The Writer

I first started writing about a little girl who wanted to grow up to be a pirate.  “Why can’t you be more like your sister?” her parents would wonder.  My protagonist’s sister was a very girly-girl.  I liked the idea of the story very much.  I wrote a rough outline and character bibles and I thought I was ready to let the story pour out on paper.  But another story snuck its way into my mind, with a very different feel and a very different character.  I tried to ignore her, at least until I could complete my young pirate’s tale.

One evening I found my mind drifting to this other story while meditating.  Instead of fighting my thoughts, I let them flow.  And then to humor those pesky little thoughts even more, I asked my spirit guides for a sign (I had just finished reading Rebecca Rosen’s book, Spirited). More

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