Creative Writing Prompt – What Happened?

 I would never claim to be a poet and, post teenage-angst years, am generally not drawn to poetry.  So what moved me to write a poem for this creative writing prompt?  I have no idea!  That’s the wonderful thing about being a writer; you never know when, or in what form, creativity will strike.  I have learned to never, ever, ever have either paper and pencil or an electronic device more than arms length away.  Ideas and lines or phrases pop into my head at the most inconvenient times but if I don’t make note of them immediately I will forget them.  Every. Single. Time.

Check out the following writing prompt here, read the stories posted in the comments, and perhaps come up with your own 350 word (or less) story to share!

Photo Prompt Courtesy of
Photo Prompt Courtesy of

Keen at first to learn the inner workings

But never quick enough

Such a wide, wide world

And so the time will pass

A project left here

The beginning of a story left there

To never discover the how

To never hear the ending

In this busy, busy life

Leaves nought but the taste of regret

On the eve of life’s ending light



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