The Book Chooses The Writer

I first started writing about a little girl who wanted to grow up to be a pirate.  “Why can’t you be more like your sister?” her parents would wonder.  My protagonist’s sister was a very girly-girl.  I liked the idea of the story very much.  I wrote a rough outline and character bibles and I thought I was ready to let the story pour out on paper.  But another story snuck its way into my mind, with a very different feel and a very different character.  I tried to ignore her, at least until I could complete my young pirate’s tale.

One evening I found my mind drifting to this other story while meditating.  Instead of fighting my thoughts, I let them flow.  And then to humor those pesky little thoughts even more, I asked my spirit guides for a sign (I had just finished reading Rebecca Rosen’s book, Spirited).

“Ok, spirit guides, here’s the deal; if this is the story that I’m really supposed to write, I need to receive something that’s the color blue within 24 hours.”

I was very specific.  I needed to be gifted, or at the very least handed, the blue item.  I couldn’t just drive past a blue car or a blue house.  I wanted to know beyond all doubt.

At work the next morning I stepped away from my desk for a few minutes.  When I returned ‘it’ was there.  My blue sign.  A coworker brought Cadbury Crème Eggs in for all of us and had left one, with its primarily blue wrapper, on my desk for me.  I thanked her profusely.  There was no way she could possible know what that little egg meant to me in that moment or how one small gesture shaped my future.

I began writing the manuscript for Bright or Blue the next morning.  I also ate the Cadbury Crème Egg.  Obviously.


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